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ELITE Insurance
SFS, Park Valley-bât G-40,
rue de la Vallée L-2661 Luxembourg

'Elite insurance company'

ELITE Insurance with civil and decennial responsibility for the following activities:

  • Large building site
  • Plastering - drywall
  • Wall and floor covering (exterior, interior) in hard facings (tiles, faience, stone, marble, etc.)
  • Plumbing, sanitary installation
  • Interior and exterior painting, wallpaper, glaziery
  • Mirrors
  • Indoor carpentry
  • Thick plastic surfacing
  • Distribution of low-voltage electricity inside buildings, excluding HVAC

External interventions : Engineering and architecture DPLG/HMONP

  • Preliminary technical studies, assured by our partners - engineering firms - for the purpose of certification of use / surveys and recommendations (removal of partitions, load-bearing or semi-load-bearing walls
  • DPLG/HMONP external missions, assured by our DPLG/HMONP architect partners (permits, DPs, extensions, and any other mission specific to DPLG/HMONP