Complete renovation/ Home improvement/ Homestaging

An initial site visit is a must. The visit will allow Herold Design to effectuate an "état des lieux." Further, it will facilitate your first face-to-face interaction with the personal Renovation Parisienne professional in-charge of your dossier. Any budget restrictions will then be considered.

A second appointment will be scheduled promptly in order to offer you several options to chose from – the objective of the second appointment is to impress upon you the level of professionalism displayed in our proposals. Our project proposal often features timeline and cost analysis. The next step involves a work order, following your formal approval.

Renovation Approach:

First step:

  • Project Design Phase (existing plans, projected plans, demolition plans, cuts and elevations of the kitchen and bathrooms, plan of electricity, technical descriptions, final 3-D perspectives) which gives a clear vision of the renovation.
    On-site visit with our interior designer to establish the project feasibility before the works begin.
    Analysis of requests, objectives and technical constraints.
  • Project Design delivered in digital and hard copies
  • Description of the project according to the trade (demolition, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, stone-layers, cabinet-makers, painters etc.).
  • First precise budget for the project by the tradesmen.
  • Price: Pricing grid available on-line in the rubric “Project Design” / apartment inside Paris (not including terraces, balconies and gardens). Price reduction of 15% for the option without 3D plans.

Second step:

  • Cost estimate: 350€ HT (deductible in case of confirmation) for surfaces 65 m2 or smaller/500 € HT (deductible in case of confirmation) for any area between 65m2 and 165mp2/750 € HT (deductible in case of confirmation) for any area between 165m2 and 230m2/1000 € HT (deductible in case of confirmation) for surfaces 230 m2 or larger.
  • Financial conditions: 30% at the signing of the estimate / 30% at the progress / 30% at the 2/3 site / 10% at the reception
  • Interior decorating: Choice of paint colors, countertops, parquet, polished cement, cabinetry, lighting, mirrors, glasswork, bath fixtures and plumbing, kitchen and baths, fabrics, moldings etc.),
  • Style boards: complete with paint and fabric samples,
  • Coordination of the tradesmen’s schedules,
  • Project execution assured by our teams and supervised with care until the final delivery.

Home improvement and Homestaging:

Starting Pack:

  • Visit and on-site meeting with our interior designer (2 hours)
  • Analysis of expectations and constraints
  • Measurements of existing layout
  • Second ‘Follow-up meeting’ in our offices (1hour)
  • Projected interior architectural plans
  • Suggestions and recommendations
  • Renovation budget
  • All-in-one price: 320 € HT (Price for real estate inside Paris).

Routine Interventions:

Emergency Order:

  • Response time is within 24 hours
  • Repairs are performed only following your formal approval
  • Billing & Payment: 100 % upon signature

Standard/Regular Order:

  • We perform the first site visit at a convenient time
  • Repairs start only following your formal approval and the required down payment (a non-refundable deposit).
  • Billing & Payment: 50 % upon signature and 50 % upon completion