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The new bathroom

Interior designers do not get tired of rethinking water spaces. For some even, wet rooms are a true priesthood.

The modern bathroom is developing a look more and more elaborate, sometimes presented as the symbolic status of an discret opulence . parfois encore comme des gestes d’autocélébration ludique plus affirmée, souvent aussi très novateur et d’une qualité rare.

The bathroom, open to the bedroom, is at the origin of an evolutionary trend which proposes, inside the house, a greater visibility of the bath space, new open scene in which intimacy and isolation are no longer experienced as absolutely necessary, but aim to merge with the rest of the spaces.

Rest, meditation and relaxation are realized in an integrated place, by abandoning the rigid traditional wall separations, and this greater transparency restores the bathroom, to the systems of active places of the life of the house, charging it with a new energy.

Conceptual Trends "minimal" et "high-tech" Of the 1990s, Have found in the design of bathrooms, a field of experimentation totally available, where the elegance of the forms, the materials and the details composes an "understatement" searched, quickly brightened by the life of his inhabitants.

But the bathroom "scenic", the bathroom "pilotis", the sanitary, small and useful, found in unusable spaces, such as the space underneath the staircase and corridors, The bedroom in the bathroom and vice versa, The bathroom 'techno' and the rarefied zenithal light of some of these works, show that the project design is not based of the simple resolution of the problmes, but that-like water-it still seeks to surprise us to generate a new life.