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Small spaces in capital city

Today, in the capitale, many people prefer the small houses with regard to the price per square meter or the need to live in urban areas.

The big question, is how we will give these small dwellings, a feeling of space and comfort worthy of a large bourgeois apartment, or even individual house.

This is our ambition. It is precisely when space becomes scarce, and the imagination and creativity are required, as to make forget the narrowness of the place. However, the solutions are sometimes very variable. Very often, they are inspired by the ideas applied in commercial spaces and then transposed to the individual place.

But where the possibilities of architectural intervention on form touch their limit, a wide range of ideas from the art of decoration takes over. At this point natural or synthetic textures play a very important role, because they have the ability to absorb or reflect light from materials used on floors, walls and ceilings. Then there is the modifying power of the lighting and the colors, their impact on the dimensions, without forgetting their effects on the mood of the occupant. Or the personalization of the spaces by a particular pattern, an exceptional material, sometimes also by a sculptural form, or an original detail.

That said, it's not just about creating visual effects. The metods of dividing the living space, are variables. Same for the equipment of house which contributes just as much to increase visibly the square meters of a house. Or Optimization of furniture, technology and their assets, to make the home this haven of peace and this source of pleasure so desired.

In the end, all housing must offer the same: a place to sleep, eat, relax and wash. However, no house resembles another, they are differentiated by the ideas, desires and concrete dreams of his occupants.